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Corporate and Commercial Law  

Grey County is home to many new and established businesses, both large and small.  These businesses include family farms that our clients want to continue and grow.  Many clients do not have the time to travel to larger cities to meet with lawyers, and as a result our corporate and commercial practice has grown extensively in recent years.

Our team is able to handle all aspects of corporate and commercial law, from the initial incorporation to corporate restructuring, succession planning, and even dissolution of the corporation.  We also work with corporations on an ongoing basis in completing their annual minutes, as well as various directors’ and shareholders’ resolutions.  We are regularly involved in the purchase and sale of businesses and corporations.

Not only are we involved with corporate work, but we also work with unincorporated sole proprietorships and partnerships.  We have experience in unincorporated businesses selling their assets and real estate, and at all times we work closely with your accountant to ensure that the work we do from a legal standpoint does not negatively impact your business from a tax perspective.

Feel free to contact us if you have questions about your business.